Are mobile pokies rigged?

August 2, 2017

Are Mobile Pokies Rigged?

Casino games have been a part of modern culture for the better part of the culture, and no other game truly conveys this more than the modern pokie machine. Pokies in New Zealand come in every shape and form, with countless themes, game mechanics, and the chance to earn big winnings, there is little wonder as to why pokies have come to dominate the modern casino world. This was even more true as the pokie machine became digitized and added to the roster of online games that casino sites ever, and pokies were quickly cemented as the reigning kings in the industry, and remain without equal to this day.

Mobile pokies are the natural evolution of the online, computer-based slot, and are now the go-to game for most New Zealand players. Their transition to the mobile platform has, however, raised a number of questions about the security, the systems utilised to make the games work, and how fair the games really are for players.

Mobile Pokie Security

Ever since pokie machines began using computer systems to work, there has long been a worry that many of these systems were vulnerable to attack. This became an even bigger worry as pokies made their way online with an integrated and necessary connection to the internet at all times. For those players worried about how safe it is, at the end of the day, it is based on the developer that created the machine.

Modern mobile pokies developed by reputable developers are almost always required to have oversight by regulatory agencies, who make sure that all machines come with the latest security measures in place. This includes encryption and modern software so that all the systems are secure from outside interference.


RNG is the heart of any good pokie system, and the driving force behind all video slots, both those found online and at land based casinos. RNG stands for random number generator, and this is exactly what happens when a player hits the spin button. The system uses the information its provided, such as the amount that is being bet as well as other variables, such as the value of credits being spun. With this information, the machine will spin the reels using special algorithms to ensure that everything that happens is completely random and governed by chance.

What this all means to the player is that a machine that has a proper RNG system has just as much chance to win as the next person, and no one has an unfair advantage, nor are players being ripped off. Like with the security, its best that players try and stick with pokies that are developed by reputable companies, and that have been extensively reviewed to ensure everything is working properly.

The Fair Pokies System

The most important part of any pokie game to a New Zealand player is that it is fair in every possible way, and this is especially important when playing mobile pokies, as players do not want to constantly worry about how fair their game is.

This is why many online developers strive to ensure that their games are fair to players, that they are able to run at full capacity on all mobile devices, and that the RNG system provides all players with an equal chance of winning.